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innovationr said: Green


  • height 1,91cm
  • black hair
  • im quite pale
  • i have 5 tattoos
  • i have a big scar at the back of my left shoulder 
  • there is a scar at the back of neck cause my mum tried to cut my hair when i was a kid
  • you can see my veins a lot even on my feet
  • my lips are almost never really red

k-styled said: pink


  • my mum chased after my dad for 4 years 
  • dad is a workaholic i think thats in our blood hahah
  • mum somehow always tries out new things she gets bored easily
  • they have an age difference of 6 years

xxxyblr said: gray ^^

favorite things:
hmm i dont know if i have two favorite things
somehow i dont get this one


mtfuji said: purple & white

my room

  • i actually only use my room for sleep thus its always clean
  • the furniture is rather simple but unique
  • the colors in my room are mostly cold colors (black, grey, white, blue, silver,etc)
  • i have a seperate closet room which is connected to my room 
  • my windows are huge and i have beautiful view from my room cause my house is on a hill
  • my room has a veranda which i only use to smoke tbh
  • i have a big tv across from my bed but i never use it cause i rarely watch tv so i actually dont even know why i bought one and if i watch tv i do so in my living room 
  • i dont have that much decoration in my room
    im more the type who decorates the room with nice and unique furniture
  • now to my bed…i always have to buy a new bed if i break up with a girlfriend cause i dont like the feeling of lying in bed and knowing that she was here as well (but oh well at least i didnt have many girlfriends)
  • i dont have a clock in my room

kurohwaiteu said: Yellow


  • i used to be really clumsy
  • my childhood friend (Max) always told me that i like Lena (she was a girl in my kindergarden) and i started to actually believe him hahah
  • i always ran home after school to not miss any anime episode on tv
  • i told my mum that i love her for the first time when she bought me the gamecube 
  • i had a pillow that i always needed to fall asleep until my mum threw it away when i was 6…..
  • i will never forget that day where i couldnt sleep and thought i could watch tv and then only saw naked women on tv which gave me a huge shock (im pretty sure everyone had this experience)
  • ive always wanted a pet as child but my parents never bought me one and thus i always tried to get close with cats that walked near our house so that i could take them home with me hahah

Anonymous said: Black Red Green

red/ best friends

  • i have 5 best friends: hyun, namjoon, alex, nel, han
  • hyun can always add a perverted comment, always
  • namjoon somehow cant talk without swearing hahah
  • if im with nel i start to feel relaxed and somehow forget about all the work and busy schedule, i can rest and enjoy my time 
  • han is my ggomaengi, she is so small and cute ksjdfblierksef

Anonymous said: orange

home town: (changwon) (i dont really know what to write hahah)

  • its not really a big city neither is it a small town
  • it has a damn nice nightlife
  • the ahjummas will always try and touch my butt (i guess that goes for all korean ahjummas tho)

Anonymous said: black & white

person i like

  • she be a tsundere

shit i answered privately to someone right now 
idk who it was but can you send me those again hahaha


ayeend said: White, grey, black.

ill only answer one per ask:


  • im a romantic pervert (at least everyone who knows me calls me this)
  • im a workaholic
  • i dont get stressed that easily